AR Performance Platform with Modular!

With the prolonged pandemic that has been occurring these past months, offline concerts are one of many things everybody is longing for; singing along with the squad, family, or beloved ones. Since we have been implementing physical distancing in the past few months, everything has gone online. So does the concert. Unfortunately, despite many virtual concerts being held, there are many deficiencies in the concept and the concert itself so that the experience aspect doesn't feel qualified. Seeing opportunities in people who miss watching a concert, Modular comes to fulfill their needs using AR Performance. 


What is AR? 

AR or Augmented Reality combines the real world into a virtual world through a video, image, or even 3D animation. According to Modular, AR is a growing technology as it is forecasted to hit some big numbers globally in 2023.

Let’s get back to the concert!

Pandemic and social distancing have changed our behavior. With the absence of offline concerts, something surely has been missing, especially for those who enjoy offline performances. Eventually, since music is a part of many people’s lives, online concerts came up as a solution. They usually use Zoom, Youtube, and any other streaming platform to create an online concert. However, the experience offered by these platforms can sometimes be insufficient. This kind of barrier has created a huge impact on the creative industry ecosystem. 

Answering that problem, "Modular" is born so that we can enjoy concerts or any other entertainment performance in one application using Augmented Reality.


How does Modular work?

  • You can download Modular on iOS or Google Play
  • Jump into the app and sign up.
  • Scan and point your camera at a flat surface so that the stage will pop up.
  • You absolutely can pinch and zoom the stage. This is called Interactive AR Performance. 
  • You can also record and share your experience using Modular to your Social Media. 

What is the value that Modular really wanna share?

  • The immersive experience of enjoying music concerts or any other performance (soon). Where else can we enjoy a music concert in only one app? Modular is the answer to that. 
  • Positive Vibes. They know that this pandemic has been a hard time for all of us. The pandemic is challenging. They hope that modular can help you get through it. 
  • Creating a new revenue stream for the musicians and other entertainers.

However, one thing to point out here is that Modular comes not to give you the same exact experience you get when you watch a regular offline concert. With unlimited options and concepts offered by its augmented reality technology, Modular wants you to feel more imaginative and immersive with your online performance experience. 

So, what do you think? Are you ready to explore and have more fun with this AR platform? Share your thoughts through our social media here!