Ask The Expert: Digital Marketing Mastery with Google!

When we're talking about Google, we talk about how genius the platform is. From the research that has been done by Bain and Company, Google is the integrated platform that is currently most widely used by major brands because it can further increase customer engagement by offering relevant customer experiences. So many things you can do with this platform. You can increase digital presence with ads, measure and analyze your ads performance using analytics, and even optimize your website with their A/B testing tools. 

Google also pays attention to us as their customer. They provide us with some online training which we can join for free. For example, Google Skillshop and Digital Garage. 

Google Skillshop is free online training to develop your skills for Google workplace tools. If you have no idea what their tools are, how can you use them, you can go to Google Skillshop and they will teach you how. Besides free, you can also get a certification if you have completed the training. Different from Google Skillshop, Digital Garage is a free digital training where you can get new skills for a digital world. It helps you discover tools to make your business succeed and prepare for the career you want, especially in digital.

Speaking of career, Holy Theodore as Account Strategist of Google shares us a step by step how to start your career in digital marketing!

  1. You have to find the right company. If you're sure that digital marketing is the thing you wanna explore, then you have to find a company that will help you to learn about that. Please focus on how they will help you develop your digital marketing skill, not on the position or money. So, what are the criteria? The company that has a growth mindset! Means, they're not only wanna grow 1,2,3, or 4 times. But they wanna grow until 10 times! And they will figure out how to scale up to that level. 
  2. Seize the opportunity. Find the company that has room for us to experiment with. If they give us the opportunity, we can freely explore the digital marketing strategies that we wanna implement. Don't forget to prove to your employee that the experimental opportunities you get will provide useful insights for the company. And last but not least;
  3. A company that focuses on digital. Find the company that starts its campaigns on a digital platform. If you wanna be the expert, then don't find a company that still focuses on conventional and don't seem like moving into digital. And don't forget that the world of digital marketing is moving fast, so try not to start in a company whose bureaucracy is too long and convoluted.

It's kinda normal if people mostly like to learn more about digital. If you ever wonder, conventional marketing has cost us a bunch of money, indeed.  You pay millions for one way ads communication that we don't even know what exactly the feedback is. If we can compare to marketing nowadays or so-called digital marketing, this would be so much more effective. Everyone is using it, who doesn't?

But first, we wanna break the stereotype that said, Digital Marketing is kinda like a money machine. You just have to put your ads on the internet, and BOOM! Your business will grow and you'll get a lot of profit. We're sorry to say that it's not that simple. If your product is bad, no matter how much money you spend on ads, nobody would come back for more. 

Well, Digital marketing could be the money machine if you already find the sweet spot of your product. Where to find it? It's between the 4P of marketing strategies. It's between Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. You have to make sure that the four of them are optimal, so then you can have your money machine!

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