Singapore Airlines AppChallenge 2019 comes to Bandung!

On 24 July 2019, BLOCK71 Bandung hosted Singapore Airlines’s (SIA) AppChallenge 2019 roadshow! This is the first time SIA is holding their roadshow in Bandung after last year’s great turnout and response in our BLOCK71 Jakarta location. The event attracted around 60 attendees, ranging from university students to working adults.


Singapore Airlines, the national carrier of Singapore, is consistently ranked as one of the best airlines in the world. In an effort to further enhance its customer experience, KrisLab, SIA’s digital innovation arm, is holding the SIA AppChallenge for the fifth year running. 


The challenge aims to gather innovative solutions to transform the conventional airline travel experience. Participants can choose one of the six challenge statements ranging from customer experience to travel ecosystem sustainability to work on. 


The six challenge statements from four categories in this year’s AppChallenge includes: 

  1. Customer experience: On-Ground
  2. Customer experience: Passenger Lounge 
  3. Customer experience: Passenger In-Flight
  4. Travel Ecosystem: KrisShop
  5. Engineering: Aircraft maintenance, 
  6. Sustainability: Resource management  


(For each of the above, there is a video and infobrief detailing what participants need to know. Visit their official website for more).


Selected teams will have the opportunity to be paired with an experienced industry mentor to enhance their prototype and stand to win up to SGD12,000 in cash prize! In addition, challengers may gain access to networking opportunities with renowned brands in the aviation industry. Solutions with business potential will also be offered a proof of concept collaboration of up to SGD150K.


The event included a panel discussion, featuring Mr Wilson Wong (Digital Innovation Lab Lead, Singapore Airlines), Mr Indra Gunawan (CEO & Founder, Bobobox), and Mr Dwi Pradito Widjayanto (CEO & Founder, Koperansel). The panellists shared about delivering excellent customer experience in the travel industry. 


“Be obsessed with our customers”. That was Mr Gunawan’s advice to budding entrepreneurs and startups developing digital solutions in the travel space. The CEO & Founder of Bobobox, stressed the importance of being sensitive to consumers’ needs. With the prevalence of social media, it takes just one bad customer experience to bring a company back to square one. 


Mr Widjayanto, CEO and Founder of Koperansel, encouraged participants to focus on creating a single excellent product before aiming to diversify. 


Turning the lens on the corporate perspective, Mr Wong also addressed common  misconceptions about participating in hackathons organized by corporations. He reassured the event attendees that SIA would allow each team to retain IP rights to their solutions for this challenge. 


Ms Dalis Chan, an NUS Overseas College (NOC) student showed her enthusiasm for this challenge specifically on enhancing the In-flight Entertainment experience. Mr Bintang, a student from Institut Teknologi Nasional, also expressed his interest in the Customer Experience: In-Ground Challenge Statement. He added, “For me, the concept of open innovation is very interesting. Hopefully, in the future more events like this can accommodate and incubate people who want to create start-ups”.


Key dates to note for the SIA AppChallenge:

23 August 2019: Submission deadline

2 - 12 September 2019: Semi-finals

18 October 2019: Finals


Seize the opportunity to work with SIA, the world’s leading airline - whether you’re a startup or student! Visit, to find out more about the SIA AppChallenge 2019 and participate!