Startup Showcase x KopiChat: The Entrepreneurial Journey

BLOCK71 Bandung launches it very first Startup Showcase! University students from all around Bandung were invited to attend this event. The Bandung Startup Showcase aims to introduce undergraduates to the startup ecosystem and inspire students to pursue their startup dreams. Featuring BLOCK71’s signature event, the Kopichat, founders and CEOs from 4 startups shared useful and interesting insights about their experiences. Approximately 40 students attended the event and got the chance to network with the startup founders. 


In this series, Mr Alvin Junianto Lan from EcoMatcher, Mr Distra Vantari from Talkabot, Mr Gerryadi Agusta from KAABA, and Mr Hendra Araji from Everidea shared their entrepreneurial journey in an honest conversation. Ranging from the sustainability to virtual reality, the attendees got the chance to delve deeper into the challenges and joys of working in a startup across different industries. As the event came to a close, enthusiastic students lingered behind to networking with the 4 startup founders.


We hope that this has been a fruitful and inspiring session for everyone!